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My window manager is faster than yours

Enlightenment's Carsten Haitzler (the rasterman) came up with a benchmark about 2 weeks ago, that was meant to measure the performance of today's most popular window managers for X11. Surprise, suprise, E17 is on top of both lists.

His benchmark tool measures both the throughput of a window manager (mapping windows and testing the time taken by the window manager) and the response time (measuring the time between the XMapWindow request and the map to be done). The benchmark itself is well done and ok. Unfortunately, the result tells nothing about the daily use of a window manager, tho.

But it's good to know that there's E17, just in case I'll ever need a window manager that can handle 260 window mapping requests per second.

The article itself is definitely a good marketing joke to make people aware of E17, but not a serious benchmark for common use-cases of a window manager. And indeed, it works pretty well: E17 will gain a lot of new clueless users thanks to this article (maybe even some smart users, who just came to know E17 by this article).