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All quiet on the western front...

It's been very quiet in the Xfce community lately. The traffic on thunar-dev and xfce4-dev is amazingly low. I'm currently the only one to work on Thunar, tho Alexander, Jean-Francois and Brian have expressly declared their interest to help earlier. In addition the Thunar website project seems to be fast asleep.

Well, I'm not in a hurry. I'm wondering because 3-4 weeks ago, many people were offended at me for taking a break from the public. And now I'm still working on it alone, like I did 3-4 weeks ago. Maybe the debate was just full of hot air.

Concerning the Xfce Debian packages: We receive quite a lot of mails recently, asking for the status of the Xfce Debian packages. The Xfce 4.2 stable branch is now maintained by Ubuntu people. We will provide new packages once Xfce 4.4.0 enters ALPHA/BETA stage. People using plain Debian should consider upgrading to Ubuntu or using the so called official Xfce Debian packages (dunno how up-to-date or usable they are, tho).

You could also try the Xfce 4.2.2 packages for Debian, prepared by Mario Izquierdo, which are based on our Xfce packages. His repository is available here.