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Thunar Firefox-like location bar

I decided to upgrade the currently available libexo debian package to revision 85, so Ubuntu/Debian users do not need to compile libexo themselves in order to run the Thunar mockups or the currently available snapshots. The API shouldn't break during the next weeks, so you're mostly safe to upgrade.

And while I was at it, I also updated the Xfmedia package to the latest 0.9.0svn snapshot, so users of that package are now able to also enjoy the new jump-to-file thingy - which I still think is very annoying, esp. with large playlists, where the tree model switching causes ugly flickering, but Brian likes it that way currently, so you'll have to live with it or use another media player. ;-)

I may update some of the Xfce core packages as well during the week. Most of the current trunk stuff is pretty stable. Maybe that stops people from sending me mails, asking when the packages will be updated next time. Nah, but seriously, with in Ubuntu universe and 4.2.2 in Debian experimental, it's time to think about 4.3 now.