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From Jekyll to eleventy

I've been happily using the Jekyll static site generator for this website for almost 7½ years now, initially motivated by the excellent GitHub Pages service. Jekyll is awesome, since it gets you started easily without a lot of worrying about how to setup lot's of different things.

But during the last month or so, Mathias managed to convince me, that it makes sense to dogfood our own software and the ecosystem around it - meaning it makes sense to look into JavaScript based solutions. To be honest, I always felt like I should know more about how developers use JavaScript first-hand. So I decided to give eleventy a try, which is also used for the new website.

I've been playing around with eleventy for about ten days now, and so far I'm quite happy. It's not as well established as Jekyll, but it's fun to learn some basics of web development and specifically JavaScript in the wild. The source code for my new website is available on GitHub like before, although it's no longer hosted on GitHub Pages, but using Netlify right now. It's probably a bit overengineered (i.e. using gulp, which is not strictly necessary), but as said, I'm using this to learn more about JavaScript land. 😁

Source code: