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Too much work...

So, CeBIT 2005 is over and - as usual - the result is: A lot of work. Very interesting work, tho. But it leaves me with no time for xfce (besides that, my energy level is near to zero when I return home). I don't even manage to read all my mail currently.

Speaking from the recent mail subjects on the xdg list, work is going on with D-VFS and there seems to be another attempt to standardize the icon names for icon themes, which is a very, very good thing.

On the thunar front, there seems to be a lot of discussion concerning a different name (I haven't read all the mails, still 23 unread mails in thunar-dev, but from those I read, I'd say Thunar is still the best name), and Benjamin Cohen came up with a patch for auto-completion for the prototype, I'll look into this tomorrow.

A quick look at the OSNews poll tells me, that Thunar wins again with 11% (and 89 comments is quite a lot for an Xfce sub project, that did not release a single line of code). Besides that, when will people realize that it's Xfce not XFce? ;-)

That's all for the day, my bed awaits me...