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Transfering files

One wouldn't imagine how difficult it can be to copy/move files around. You can come up with cp/mv hacks within a few minutes. But doing it right, with user interaction, trash support, percentage/EST calculation and all the good stuff (threaded of course, and esp. without risking data loss on the user's side), seems to be surprisingly difficult. I guess it's time to stand up from the computer and do something else.

In other news, there's Mickael posting about Xfce is KDE done the right way, based on one of Jaspers screenshots: I doubt that Xfce will ever attract the average KDE user. There ain't enough bells and whistles in Xfce, or - to quote a colleague - Xfce just works. KDE users are a bit like Mac Classic users: It doesn't matter that much if something doesn't work properly (they'll figure out how to ignore the problem), but everything must be cute and cuddly. And personally, I wouldn't want to see Xfce turning into that direction.